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Walters Ms. W.442.A-D, Stein Quadriptych

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Stein Quadriptych

Text title
Sequence of miniatures for private devotion (Stein Quadriptych)


The Stein Quadriptych was likely created in Bruges, and it has been attributed to Simon Bening and associates, ca. 1525-30. This collection of sixty-four miniatures is mounted in four panels, each in sets of sixteen miniatures per panel. The ensemble of miniatures was first cited in scholarly literature as the Stein Quadriptych because the earliest known owner of the collection was Charles Stein until 1886. The miniatures seem to have been dismantled at some point and then reassembled in these four panels. No texts have been found on the backs of these miniatures by the Walters Conservation Department. However, because it was normal practice for illuminated folios to be inserted into South Netherlandish prayer books without accompanying text on the back, the lack of textual evidence does not rule out the possibility that these miniatures were once part of a prayer book. Based on formal visual analysis and the use of color, however, these 64 miniatures appear to have been meant to be viewed as an ensemble. The recitation of prayers from a book or from memory may have been intended while the suppliant viewed the visual program.


Ca. 1525-30 CE




Authority name: Bening, Simon, 1483 or 1484-1561






No linguistic content; Not applicable

Support material


Miniatures on parchment, mounted on paper affixed to wooden board


Foliation: n/a

Sixty-four small miniatures mounted into four groups of sixteen; numbered here from left to right, top to bottom


Formula: n/a



0.0 cm wide by 0.0 cm high

  1. Consists of four panels, each containing sixteen miniatures; measurements of panels is 35.5 x 29 cm; measurements of miniatures is 6.8 x 5.2 cm

fols. PanelA1r - PanelD64r:
  1. Title: Sequence of miniatures for private devotion (Stein Quadriptych)


Panel A 1r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 1r
  2. Title: Joachim and St. Anne at Golden Gate and Annunciation to Joachim
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 2r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 2r
  2. Title: Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 3r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 3r
  2. Title: Marriage of the Virgin and Joseph
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 4r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 4r
  2. Title: Annunciation
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 5r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 5r
  2. Title: Visitation
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 6r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 6r
  2. Title: Navitity-Adoration
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 7r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 7r
  2. Title: Holy Family
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 8r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 8r
  2. Title: Annunciation to Shepherds
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 9r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 9r
  2. Title: Adoration of Shepherds, Virgin reading
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 10r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 10r
  2. Title: Circumcision
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 11r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 11r
  2. Title: Adoration of Magi
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 12r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 12r
  2. Title: Presentation in Temple
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 13r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 13r
  2. Title: Flight into Egypt
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 14r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 14r
  2. Title: Massacre of the Innocents
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 15r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 15r
  2. Title: Christ among the Doctors
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel A 16r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel A 16r
  2. Title: Virgin sewing gray-white fabric, youthful Christ reads gilt-edged green book
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 17r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 17r
  2. Title: Baptism of Christ
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 18r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 18r
  2. Title: Two Temptations of Christ: in the dessert and on top of rock
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 19r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 19r
  2. Title: Wedding at Cana
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 20r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 20r
  2. Title: Christ helps the demoniac
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 21r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 21r
  2. Title: Feast in the house of Simon the Pharisee (Simon the Leper) in Bethany, St. Mary Magdalene anoints Christ’s feet
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 22r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 22r
  2. Title: Raising of Lazarus
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 23r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 23r
  2. Title: Feast in house of Simon the Pharisee
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 24r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 24r
  2. Title: Last Supper, Christ gives Judas sop
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 25r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 25r
  2. Title: Agony in the Garden: Christ kneeling
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 26r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 26r
  2. Title: Agony in the Garden: Christ at back, lies face down on rock
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 27r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 27r
  2. Title: Agony in the Garden: Christ at center front, orant
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 28r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 28r
  2. Title: Christ addresses apostles
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 29r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 29r
  2. Title: Arrest of Christ
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 30r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 30r
  2. Title: Christ beset by four men outside house of the High Priest
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 31r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 31r
  2. Title: Christ before High Priest Annas
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel B 32r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel B 32r
  2. Title: Mocking of Christ
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 33r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 33r
  2. Title: Christ’s fall before judge
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 34r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 34r
  2. Title: Christ before Herod
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 35r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 35r
  2. Title: Flagellation
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 36r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 36r
  2. Title: Christ after Flagellation, hand untied; Christ fallen to ground before Flagellation column
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 37r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 37r
  2. Title: Christ after the Flagellation, tended by weeping St. Peter
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 38r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 38r
  2. Title: Christ in the river Cedron
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 39r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 39r
  2. Title: Christ crowned with Thorns
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 40r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 40r
  2. Title: Ecce homo
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 41r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 41r
  2. Title: Christ carrying Cross, weeping Veronica at right raises veiled hands to his face
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 42r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 42r
  2. Title: Christ falling under weight of Cross
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 43r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 43r
  2. Title: Christ carrying Cross, Virgin looks on
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 44r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 44r
  2. Title: Christ stripped of his robe
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 45r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 45r
  2. Title: Christ nailed to Cross
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 46r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 46r
  2. Title: Elevation of the Cross, crucified thieves at left and right, sorrowing Virgin seated on ground at back amid five nimbed fingers
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 47r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 47r
  2. Title: Crucifixion, sorrowful Virgin and weeping St. John Evangelist in foreground at left, St. Staphaton offers sponge at right
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel C 48r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel C 48r
  2. Title: Crucifixion, sorrowing Virgin left of Cross, St. Mary Magdalene at right embracing Cross, St. John Evangelist behind her, Longinus at left front pierces Christ’s side
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 49r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 49r
  2. Title: Deposition
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 50r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 50r
  2. Title: Lamentation
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 51r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 51r
  2. Title: Christ carried to sepulcher
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 52r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 52r
  2. Title: Entombment
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 53r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 53r
  2. Title: Virgin, St. John Evangelist, and St. Mary Magdalene before Christ’s tomb, weeping as they depart from Calvary
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 54r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 54r
  2. Title: Mater dolorosa
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 55r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 55r
  2. Title: 989,627,195
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 56r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 56r
  2. Title: Resurrection
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 57r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 57r
  2. Title: Noli me tangere
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 58r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 58r
  2. Title: Christ appearing to his mother, redeemed souls in background
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 59r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 59r
  2. Title: Doubting Thomas
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 60r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 60r
  2. Title: Ascension of Christ
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 61r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 61r
  2. Title: Pentecost
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 62r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 62r
  2. Title: Death of Virgin
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 63r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 63r
  2. Title: Assumption of the Virgin
  3. Form: Miniature

Panel D 64r:

  1. W.442.A-D, Panel D 64r
  2. Title: Last Judgment
  3. Form: Miniature



Mounted in groups of sixteen within four nineteenth-century gilt frames, which have themselves been encased in modern glass


Created in Bruges ca. 1525-30; attributed to Simon Bening and associates, possibly for Cardinal Albrecht of Bradenburg

Charles Stein, Paris, before 1886

Bourgeois, purchased from Stein sale, Paris, Galerie Georges Petit, May 10, 1886, no. 241

Ownership in Spain ca. 1888 suggested by photographs taken by Maison Laurent in Madrid

Henry Walters, Baltimore, before 1911; recorded in shipment of manuscripts and books received in Baltimore from New York via Adams Express Co.; receipt of April 13, 1911, and recorded in inventory thereafter by Gallery Superintendent James C. Anderson


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters' bequest


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Principal cataloger: Randall, Lilian M.C.

Cataloger: Herbold, Rebekah

Editor: Herbert, Lynley

Copy editor: Dibble, Charles

Conservator: Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Emery, Doug; Herbert, Lynley; Noel, William; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.; Wiegand, Kimber


The Walters Art Museum


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