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W.106, Bible pictures by William de Brailes


This manuscript comprises twenty-four leaves of Bible pictures by W. de Brailes, an English artist active in Oxford in the middle of the thirteenth century. Seven leaves from the same set of images are now in the Musée Marmottan in Paris. These thirty-one leaves are all that remain of an image cycle that once contained at least ninety-eight miniatures, and which was the longest cycle of Bible miniatures surviving from the thirteenth century in England. In all probability these Bible pictures were actually prefatory matter to a Psalter, now Stockholm, National Museum Ms. B.2010. De Brailes also composed and wrote the captions that accompany many of the images, a pattern of production observable in other manuscripts made by him, including London, British Library Ms. Add. 49999, a richly illuminated Book of Hours apparently intended for a female owner. W. de Brailes is one of only two English artists of the thirteenth century whose name we can associate with surviving works. Eleven manuscripts have been identified that contain miniatures in his hand. De Brailes has a quirky and chatty style and is extremely gifted at turning Bible stories into paint.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.106, Upper board outside
    2. upper board inside

      W.106, upper board inside
    3. Front flyleaf i, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf i, r
    4. Front flyleaf i, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf i, v
    5. Front flyleaf ii, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf ii, r
    6. Front flyleaf ii, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf ii, v
    7. Front flyleaf iii, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf iii, r
    8. Front flyleaf iii, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf iii, v
    9. Front flyleaf iv, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf iv, r
    10. Front flyleaf iv, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf iv, v
    11. Front flyleaf v, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf v, r
    12. Front flyleaf v, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf v, v
    13. Front flyleaf vi, r

      W.106, Front flyleaf vi, r
    14. Front flyleaf vi, v

      W.106, Front flyleaf vi, v
    15. fol. 1r

      W.106, fol. 1r
    16. fol. 1v

      W.106, fol. 1v
    17. fol. 2r

      W.106, fol. 2r
    18. fol. 2v

      W.106, fol. 2v
    19. fol. 3r

      W.106, fol. 3r
    20. fol. 3v

      W.106, fol. 3v
    21. fol. 4r

      W.106, fol. 4r
    22. fol. 4v

      W.106, fol. 4v
    23. fol. 5r

      W.106, fol. 5r
    24. fol. 5v

      W.106, fol. 5v
    25. fol. 6r

      W.106, fol. 6r
    26. fol. 6v

      W.106, fol. 6v
    27. fol. 7r

      W.106, fol. 7r
    28. fol. 7v

      W.106, fol. 7v
    29. fol. 8r

      W.106, fol. 8r
    30. fol. 8v

      W.106, fol. 8v
    31. fol. 9r

      W.106, fol. 9r
    32. fol. 9v

      W.106, fol. 9v
    33. fol. 12r

      W.106, fol. 12r
    34. fol. 12v

      W.106, fol. 12v
    35. fol. 11r

      W.106, fol. 11r
    36. fol. 11v

      W.106, fol. 11v
    37. fol. 10r

      W.106, fol. 10r
    38. fol. 10v

      W.106, fol. 10v
    39. fol. 13r

      W.106, fol. 13r
    40. fol. 13v

      W.106, fol. 13v
    41. fol. 14r

      W.106, fol. 14r
    42. fol. 14v

      W.106, fol. 14v
    43. fol. 15r

      W.106, fol. 15r
    44. fol. 15v

      W.106, fol. 15v
    45. fol. 16r

      W.106, fol. 16r
    46. fol. 16v

      W.106, fol. 16v
    47. fol. 17r

      W.106, fol. 17r
    48. fol. 17v

      W.106, fol. 17v
    49. fol. 18r

      W.106, fol. 18r
    50. fol. 18v

      W.106, fol. 18v
    51. fol. 19r

      W.106, fol. 19r
    52. fol. 19v

      W.106, fol. 19v
    53. fol. 20r

      W.106, fol. 20r
    54. fol. 20v

      W.106, fol. 20v
    55. fol. 21r

      W.106, fol. 21r
    56. fol. 21v

      W.106, fol. 21v
    57. fol. 22r

      W.106, fol. 22r
    58. fol. 22v

      W.106, fol. 22v
    59. fol. 23r

      W.106, fol. 23r
    60. fol. 23v

      W.106, fol. 23v
    61. fol. 24r

      W.106, fol. 24r
    62. fol. 24v

      W.106, fol. 24v
    63. Back flyleaf i, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf i, r
    64. Back flyleaf i, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf i, v
    65. Back flyleaf ii, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf ii, r
    66. Back flyleaf ii, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf ii, v
    67. Back flyleaf iii, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf iii, r
    68. Back flyleaf iii, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf iii, v
    69. Back flyleaf iv, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf iv, r
    70. Back flyleaf iv, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf iv, v
    71. Back flyleaf v, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf v, r
    72. Back flyleaf v, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf v, v
    73. Back flyleaf vi, r

      W.106, Back flyleaf vi, r
    74. Back flyleaf vi, v

      W.106, Back flyleaf vi, v
    75. lower board inside

      W.106, lower board inside
    76. lower board outside

      W.106, lower board outside
    77. Spine

      W.106, Spine
    78. Fore-edge

      W.106, Fore-edge
    79. Head

      W.106, Head
    80. Tail

      W.106, Tail

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