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W.443.A-F, Six Miniatures from a Book of Hours


These six full-page miniatures were originally part of a Book of Hours created in Bruges ca. 1480-90. It is unknown at what point the images were excised from the book, but at least four of them were mounted and framed ca. 1900 by the Parisian bookdealer and binder Léon Gruel. Although the book they were part of has not been identified, and may be lost, Roger Wieck has suggested a stylistic relationship between these miniatures and works by the Master of Edward IV, an artist working in Bruges ca. 1470-90. For another example of work by this artist and his circle, see Walters manuscript W.435. As there is no text remaining with the images, their original positions within the text of the manuscript they once illuminated are conjectural, and the text identifiers included here are those proposed by Lilian Randall in her catalog.

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    1. W.443.Ar

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Ar
    2. W.443.A back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.A back
    3. W.443.A framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.A framed
    4. W.443.Br

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Br
    5. W.443.B back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.B back
    6. W.443.B framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.B framed
    7. W.443.Cr

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Cr
    8. W.443.C back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.C back
    9. W.443.C framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.C framed
    10. W.443.Dr

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Dr
    11. W.443.D back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.D back
    12. W.443.D framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.D framed
    13. W.443.Er

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Er
    14. W.443.E back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.E back
    15. W.443.E framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.E framed
    16. W.443.Fr

      W.443.A-F, W.443.Fr
    17. W.443.F back

      W.443.A-F, W.443.F back
    18. W.443.F framed

      W.443.A-F, W.443.F framed

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