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W.529, Gospel Book


Even though this volume contains the continuous text of the four Gospels, it is written in two columns, like a Gospel lectionary (e.g., W.520 and W.535). The leaves with Evangelist portraits are dyed red, in imitation of the very expensive purple-dyed parchment occasionally used in the fifth through ninth centuries. The style of the script, ornament, and images is a bit unusual, which makes it unclear whether the book was produced in the capital, Constantinople, or in some other part of the Byzantine Empire. A somewhat similar manuscript (Bucharest, Library of the Romanian Academy, Greek 1175) is now available in digitized form at www.e-corpus.org/fre/notices/141347-Tetraevangile.html. Unfortunately W.529 is too fragile to be fully digitized at this time, therefore only the binding has been imaged.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.529, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.529, Upper board inside
    3. Lower board inside

      W.529, Lower board inside
    4. Lower board outside

      W.529, Lower board outside
    5. Spine

      W.529, Spine
    6. Fore-edge

      W.529, Fore-edge
    7. Head

      W.529, Head
    8. Tail

      W.529, Tail

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