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W.530.D-E, The Evangelists Matthew and Mark from a Gospel Book


These two author portraits once preceded the Gospels of Matthew and Mark in a Gospel Book in Mount Athos, Monastery of Great Lavra MS A44. They are attributable to the leading book illuminator in Constantinople during the second quarter of the twelfth century. His real name is unknown, and he has been conventionally named the Kokkinobaphos Master.

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    1. fol. W.530.Dr

      W.530.D-E, fol. W.530.Dr
    2. fol. W.530.Dv

      W.530.D-E, fol. W.530.Dv
    3. fol. W.530.Er

      W.530.D-E, fol. W.530.Er
    4. fol. W.530.Ev

      W.530.D-E, fol. W.530.Ev

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