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W.548, Fragments of a Sluzhebnik (Euchologion)


This liturgical text is a rare example of an early Russian manuscript, dating from the fourteenth century. It offers a fascinating case study in the history of manuscript collecting. Because of some eleventh-century dates written in the text, the manuscript was long believed to have been made in that century. Later it was argued that the work was in fact a nineteenth-century forgery by a Russian collector, Alexander Sulakadzev (Demkova 1979). A recent study (Afanas'eva 2009), however, has determined its origin definitively: the pages of this book were cut from a larger manuscript (Saint Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Ms. O. п. Ι. 4) and bound together (out of order), probably by Sulakadzev. Sulakadzev is also likely to have added the notes that made the text appear to date to the eleventh century.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.548, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.548, Upper board inside
    3. fol. 1r

      W.548, fol. 1r
    4. fol. 1v

      W.548, fol. 1v
    5. fol. 2r

      W.548, fol. 2r
    6. fol. 2v

      W.548, fol. 2v
    7. fol. 3r

      W.548, fol. 3r
    8. fol. 3v

      W.548, fol. 3v
    9. fol. 4r

      W.548, fol. 4r
    10. fol. 4v

      W.548, fol. 4v
    11. fol. 5r

      W.548, fol. 5r
    12. fol. 5v

      W.548, fol. 5v
    13. fol. 6r

      W.548, fol. 6r
    14. fol. 6v

      W.548, fol. 6v
    15. fol. 7r

      W.548, fol. 7r
    16. fol. 7v

      W.548, fol. 7v
    17. fol. 8r

      W.548, fol. 8r
    18. fol. 8v

      W.548, fol. 8v
    19. fol. 9r

      W.548, fol. 9r
    20. fol. 9v

      W.548, fol. 9v
    21. fol. 10r

      W.548, fol. 10r
    22. fol. 10v

      W.548, fol. 10v
    23. fol. 11r

      W.548, fol. 11r
    24. fol. 11v

      W.548, fol. 11v
    25. fol. 12r

      W.548, fol. 12r
    26. fol. 12v

      W.548, fol. 12v
    27. fol. 13r

      W.548, fol. 13r
    28. fol. 13v

      W.548, fol. 13v
    29. fol. 14r

      W.548, fol. 14r
    30. fol. 14v

      W.548, fol. 14v
    31. fol. 15r

      W.548, fol. 15r
    32. fol. 15v

      W.548, fol. 15v
    33. fol. 16r

      W.548, fol. 16r
    34. fol. 16v

      W.548, fol. 16v
    35. Lower board inside

      W.548, Lower board inside
    36. Lower board outside

      W.548, Lower board outside
    37. Spine

      W.548, Spine
    38. Fore-edge

      W.548, Fore-edge
    39. Head

      W.548, Head
    40. Tail

      W.548, Tail

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