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W.578, Prayer


This illuminated manuscript is of the well-known prayer called Ḥizb al-baḥr (Litany of the sea) by Abū al-Ḥasan al-Shādhilī (d. 656 AH / 1258 CE), the founder of the Shādhilīyah sufi order. It was copied in the eleventh century AH / seventeenth CE in Ottoman Turkey. The text, on gold-sprinkled paper with tan tinted margins, is written in a variety of large-size scripts, including thuluth, muḥaqqaq, rayḥān, and tawqīʿ, vocalized in black and blue. Illuminated rosettes with colored dots serve as verse markers.There is a bequest (waqf) statement (fol. 2a) in the name of Sultan ʿUthmān Khān III (reg. 1168-71 AH / 1754-57 CE), signed by Ibrāhīm Ḥanīf, inspector of awqāf. The illuminated finispiece (fol. 7b) is inscribed with the basmalah and ḥamdalah in white thuluth script in horizontal panels that frame a central lozenge containing Qur'anic verses in green and black Square Kufic. The binding of gold-sprinkled pink paper over pasteboard with central lobed gold-tooled medallion dates to the late eleventh century AH / seventeenth CE or the twelfth century AH / eighteenth CE. The fact that the flap is on the wrong side suggests that the manuscript may have been rebound at a later stage.

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    1. Upper board outside flap open

      W.578, Upper board outside flap open
    2. Upper board inside flap open

      W.578, Upper board inside flap open
    3. fol. 1a

      W.578, fol. 1a
    4. fol. 1b

      W.578, fol. 1b
    5. fol. 2a

      W.578, fol. 2a
    6. fol. 2b

      W.578, fol. 2b
    7. fol. 3a

      W.578, fol. 3a
    8. fol. 3b

      W.578, fol. 3b
    9. fol. 4a

      W.578, fol. 4a
    10. fol. 4b

      W.578, fol. 4b
    11. fol. 5a

      W.578, fol. 5a
    12. fol. 5b

      W.578, fol. 5b
    13. fol. 6a

      W.578, fol. 6a
    14. fol. 6b

      W.578, fol. 6b
    15. fol. 7a

      W.578, fol. 7a
    16. fol. 7b

      W.578, fol. 7b
    17. fol. 8a

      W.578, fol. 8a
    18. fol. 8b

      W.578, fol. 8b
    19. Lower board inside

      W.578, Lower board inside
    20. Lower board outside

      W.578, Lower board outside
    21. Spine

      W.578, Spine
    22. Fore-edge

      W.578, Fore-edge
    23. Head

      W.578, Head
    24. Tail

      W.578, Tail

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