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W.579, Prayer


This illuminated manuscript is of a prayer (wird) called Miftāḥ al-najāḥ, attributed to ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib, the fourth caliph of Islam. According to the colophon, it was completed by Shaykh Kamāl ibn ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq al-Sabzawārī, the calligrapher and illuminator, in Astarabad (present-day Gorgan, Iran) in 941 AH / 1534 CE. The text, divided into five compartments, is in calligraphic vocalized naskh in black ink and vocalized thuluth in gold ink outlined in black. Illuminated rosettes with colored dots serve as verse markers. The decorated colophon (fol. 8b) is written in tawqīʿ/riqāʿ script in gold ink. Later bequest (waqf) seal impressions of the Vizier al-Shahīd ʿAlī Pāshā, dated 1130 AH / 1717 CE, appear on fols. 2a, 2b, and 3a. The brown leather binding with interconnected gold-tooled lobed medallions and discs and doublures with filigree decoration is original to the manuscript.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.579, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.579, Upper board inside
    3. Front flyleaf ia flap closed

      W.579, Front flyleaf ia flap closed
    4. Front flyleaf ia

      W.579, Front flyleaf ia
    5. Front flyleaf ib

      W.579, Front flyleaf ib
    6. fol. 1a

      W.579, fol. 1a
    7. fol. 1b

      W.579, fol. 1b
    8. fol. 2a

      W.579, fol. 2a
    9. fol. 2b

      W.579, fol. 2b
    10. fol. 3a

      W.579, fol. 3a
    11. fol. 3b

      W.579, fol. 3b
    12. fol. 4a

      W.579, fol. 4a
    13. fol. 4b

      W.579, fol. 4b
    14. fol. 5a

      W.579, fol. 5a
    15. fol. 5b

      W.579, fol. 5b
    16. fol. 6a

      W.579, fol. 6a
    17. fol. 6b

      W.579, fol. 6b
    18. fol. 7a

      W.579, fol. 7a
    19. fol. 7b

      W.579, fol. 7b
    20. fol. 8a

      W.579, fol. 8a
    21. fol. 8b

      W.579, fol. 8b
    22. fol. 9a

      W.579, fol. 9a
    23. fol. 9b

      W.579, fol. 9b
    24. Back flyleaf ia

      W.579, Back flyleaf ia
    25. Back flyleaf ib

      W.579, Back flyleaf ib
    26. Lower board inside flap open

      W.579, Lower board inside flap open
    27. Lower board outside flap open

      W.579, Lower board outside flap open
    28. Spine

      W.579, Spine
    29. Fore-edge

      W.579, Fore-edge
    30. Head

      W.579, Head
    31. Tail

      W.579, Tail

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