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W.670, Album of Persian and Indian calligraphy, miniatures, and prints


This is an album, in the form of an accordion book, of Persian and Indian calligraphy and miniatures, as well as two European prints, assembled in the thirteenth century AH / nineteenth CE. It contains fourteen illustrations, two of which are ascribed to Bihzād (fol. 2b) and Riz̤ā Muṣavvir (fol. 6a). There are also bird and flower paintings attributable to the late Zand or early Qajar periods, as well as late Mughal portrait paintings. There are numerous calligraphy specimens in various Persian scripts, such as Nayrīzī-style naskh, taʿlīq, nastaʿlīq, and shikastah. The majority of these calligraphic compositions (in Persian and Arabic) are signed by Iranian calligraphers of the thirteenth century AH / nineteenth CE, such as Muḥammad Ṣādiq al-Riḍawī (Riz̤avī), ʿAlī al-Ḥusaynī, Muḥammad ʿAlī, Muḥammad Kāẓim Kulpāykānī (Gulpāygānī), and Muḥammad Kāẓim al-Iṣfahānī.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.670, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.670, Upper board inside
    3. fol. 1a

      W.670, fol. 1a
    4. fol. 1b

      W.670, fol. 1b
    5. fol. 2a

      W.670, fol. 2a
    6. fol. 2b

      W.670, fol. 2b
    7. fol. 3a

      W.670, fol. 3a
    8. fol. 3b

      W.670, fol. 3b
    9. fol. 4a

      W.670, fol. 4a
    10. fol. 4b

      W.670, fol. 4b
    11. fol. 5a

      W.670, fol. 5a
    12. fol. 5b

      W.670, fol. 5b
    13. fol. 6a

      W.670, fol. 6a
    14. fol. 6b

      W.670, fol. 6b
    15. fol. 7a

      W.670, fol. 7a
    16. fol. 7b

      W.670, fol. 7b
    17. fol. 8a

      W.670, fol. 8a
    18. fol. 8b

      W.670, fol. 8b
    19. fol. 9a

      W.670, fol. 9a
    20. fol. 9b

      W.670, fol. 9b
    21. fol. 10a

      W.670, fol. 10a
    22. fol. 10b

      W.670, fol. 10b
    23. fol. 11a

      W.670, fol. 11a
    24. fol. 11b

      W.670, fol. 11b
    25. fol. 12a

      W.670, fol. 12a
    26. fol. 12b

      W.670, fol. 12b
    27. fol. 13a

      W.670, fol. 13a
    28. fol. 13b

      W.670, fol. 13b
    29. fol. 14a

      W.670, fol. 14a
    30. fol. 14b

      W.670, fol. 14b
    31. fol. 15a

      W.670, fol. 15a
    32. fol. 15b

      W.670, fol. 15b
    33. fol. 16a

      W.670, fol. 16a
    34. fol. 16b

      W.670, fol. 16b
    35. fol. 17a

      W.670, fol. 17a
    36. fol. 17b

      W.670, fol. 17b
    37. fol. 18a

      W.670, fol. 18a
    38. fol. 18b

      W.670, fol. 18b
    39. fol. 19a

      W.670, fol. 19a
    40. fol. 19b

      W.670, fol. 19b
    41. fol. 20a

      W.670, fol. 20a
    42. fol. 20b

      W.670, fol. 20b
    43. fol. 21a

      W.670, fol. 21a
    44. fol. 21b

      W.670, fol. 21b
    45. Lower board inside

      W.670, Lower board inside
    46. Lower board outside

      W.670, Lower board outside
    47. 21b back

      W.670, 21b back
    48. 21a back

      W.670, 21a back
    49. 20b back

      W.670, 20b back
    50. 20a back

      W.670, 20a back
    51. 19b back

      W.670, 19b back
    52. 19a back

      W.670, 19a back
    53. 18b back

      W.670, 18b back
    54. 18a back

      W.670, 18a back
    55. 17b back

      W.670, 17b back
    56. 17a back

      W.670, 17a back
    57. 16b back

      W.670, 16b back
    58. 16a back

      W.670, 16a back
    59. 15b back

      W.670, 15b back
    60. 15a back

      W.670, 15a back
    61. 14b back

      W.670, 14b back
    62. 14a back

      W.670, 14a back
    63. 13b back

      W.670, 13b back
    64. 13a back

      W.670, 13a back
    65. 12b back

      W.670, 12b back
    66. 12a back

      W.670, 12a back
    67. 11b back

      W.670, 11b back
    68. 11a back

      W.670, 11a back
    69. 10b back

      W.670, 10b back
    70. 10a back

      W.670, 10a back
    71. 9b back

      W.670, 9b back
    72. 9a back

      W.670, 9a back
    73. 8b back

      W.670, 8b back
    74. 8a back

      W.670, 8a back
    75. 7b back

      W.670, 7b back
    76. 7a back

      W.670, 7a back
    77. 6b back

      W.670, 6b back
    78. 6a back

      W.670, 6a back
    79. 5b back

      W.670, 5b back
    80. 5a back

      W.670, 5a back
    81. 4b back

      W.670, 4b back
    82. 4a back

      W.670, 4a back
    83. 3b back

      W.670, 3b back
    84. 3a back

      W.670, 3a back
    85. 2b back

      W.670, 2b back
    86. 2a back

      W.670, 2a back
    87. 1b back

      W.670, 1b back
    88. 1a back

      W.670, 1a back
    89. Back-edge

      W.670, Back-edge
    90. Fore-edge

      W.670, Fore-edge
    91. Head

      W.670, Head
    92. Tail

      W.670, Tail

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