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W.673, Album of Persian calligraphy


This is an illuminated album (muraqqaʿ) in accordion format containing Persian calligraphy. It was executed in Iran during the eleventh century AH / seventeenth CE. Lines of text in black nastaʿlīq script are framed by decorative cloud-bands. Borders are decorated with illuminated vegetal and animal motifs on multicolored paper. This album bears a seal impression of the Ottoman Sultan ʿUthmān Khān (Osman III, r. 1167 AH / 1754 CE -- 1170 AH / 1757 CE) and a bequest (waqf) entry and seal by Ibrāhīm Ḥanīf, inspector of awqāf (fol. 1b). The dark brown leather binding with central oval and pendants is contemporary with the manuscript but may not be original to it.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.673, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.673, Upper board inside
    3. fol. 1a

      W.673, fol. 1a
    4. fol. 1b

      W.673, fol. 1b
    5. fol. 2a

      W.673, fol. 2a
    6. fol. 2b

      W.673, fol. 2b
    7. fol. 3a

      W.673, fol. 3a
    8. fol. 3b

      W.673, fol. 3b
    9. fol. 4a

      W.673, fol. 4a
    10. fol. 4b

      W.673, fol. 4b
    11. fol. 5a

      W.673, fol. 5a
    12. fol. 5b

      W.673, fol. 5b
    13. fol. 6a

      W.673, fol. 6a
    14. fol. 6b

      W.673, fol. 6b
    15. fol. 7a

      W.673, fol. 7a
    16. fol. 7b

      W.673, fol. 7b
    17. fol. 8a

      W.673, fol. 8a
    18. fol. 8b

      W.673, fol. 8b
    19. Lower board inside

      W.673, Lower board inside
    20. Lower board outside

      W.673, Lower board outside
    21. 8b back

      W.673, 8b back
    22. 8a back

      W.673, 8a back
    23. 7b back

      W.673, 7b back
    24. 7a back

      W.673, 7a back
    25. 6b back

      W.673, 6b back
    26. 6a back

      W.673, 6a back
    27. 5b back

      W.673, 5b back
    28. 5a back

      W.673, 5a back
    29. 4b back

      W.673, 4b back
    30. 4a back

      W.673, 4a back
    31. 3b back

      W.673, 3b back
    32. 3a back

      W.673, 3a back
    33. 2b back

      W.673, 2b back
    34. 2a back

      W.673, 2a back
    35. 1b back

      W.673, 1b back
    36. 1a back

      W.673, 1a back
    37. Back-edge

      W.673, Back-edge
    38. Fore-edge

      W.673, Fore-edge
    39. Head

      W.673, Head
    40. Tail

      W.673, Tail

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