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W.676, Six leaves from Majma` al-tavarikh by Hafiz Abru


These six leaves come from a historical Timurid work entitled Majmaʿ al-tavārīkh (Collection of chronicles) by Ḥāfiẓ-i Abrū (d. 833 AH / 1430 CE), that was copied and illustrated around 829 AH / 1425 CE. Two known Timurid illustrated copies of Majmaʿ al-tavārīkh from the ninth century AH / fifteenth CE are the dispersed manuscript previously in the collection of Emile Tabbagh and Parish Watson (ca. 829 AH / 1425 CE) and a copy dated 829 AH / 1425 CE (Istanbul, H.1653). The Walters' leaves come from the former. The text is written in naskh script in black, red, and reddish-brown ink; chapter headings are written in tawqīʿ script in red ink.

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    1. fol. W.676Aa

      W.676, fol. W.676Aa
    2. fol. W.676Ab

      W.676, fol. W.676Ab
    3. fol. W.676Ba

      W.676, fol. W.676Ba
    4. fol. W.676Bb

      W.676, fol. W.676Bb
    5. fol. W.676Ca

      W.676, fol. W.676Ca
    6. fol. W.676Cb

      W.676, fol. W.676Cb
    7. fol. W.676Da

      W.676, fol. W.676Da
    8. fol. W.676Db

      W.676, fol. W.676Db
    9. fol. W.676Ea

      W.676, fol. W.676Ea
    10. fol. W.676Eb

      W.676, fol. W.676Eb
    11. fol. W.676Fa

      W.676, fol. W.676Fa
    12. fol. W.676Fb

      W.676, fol. W.676Fb

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