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W.702, Single leaf of an elephant with mahout attacking four men


This Mughal painting depicts an elephant with a mahout attacking four men. Depictions of elephants became increasingly common in the Mughal period. Stylistically this example may be attributed to sometime in the late tenth century AH / sixteenth CE, although the Persian inscription on the page states that it was completed in Bukhārā on the last day of Ṣafar 731 AH / 1330 CE. There are a few numbers inscribed on the page: 4500, 9, and 18. The work is framed by marbled paper and a border illuminated with animal and floral motifs. On the back is a sample of calligraphy in nastaʿlīq script signed by Mīrzā Muḥammad al-Kātib and dated 983 AH / 1575-6 CE.

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