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W.736, Certification of Arms and Genealogical Treatise


This manuscript is a legal certification of coats of arms and a genealogical treatise composed in Spain in 1782. It was compiled by Don Ramon Zazo of Ortega, historian and king at arms to Charles III, king of Spain, who signed the work on fol. 25v. The manuscript contains heraldic information, history, and genealogy of the Spanish families of Despuig or Puig, Pallas, Gelabert of Coscoll, and Mora. It was made for a descendent of these families: Don Antonio de Puig y Gelabert de Cascoll, Doctor of Laws and Advocate of the Royal Audience of Catalonia. It is decorated with two notable full-page heraldic miniatures, five heraldic text miniatures, illuminated initials, a fold-out decorated genealogical table, and four illuminated text headings. The illuminations use a palette of bright colors and an abundance of gold. Interleaves of crimson silk cover each miniature. The manuscript still retains two paper seals of the city of Madrid, one of which encloses a very small leaf painted with the coats of the Puig family.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.736, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.736, Upper board inside
    3. Front flyleaf i, r

      W.736, Front flyleaf i, r
    4. Front flyleaf i, v

      W.736, Front flyleaf i, v
    5. Interleaving 1r

      W.736, Interleaving 1r
    6. Interleaving 1v

      W.736, Interleaving 1v
    7. fol. 1r

      W.736, fol. 1r
    8. fol. 1v

      W.736, fol. 1v
    9. Interleaving 2r

      W.736, Interleaving 2r
    10. Interleaving 2v

      W.736, Interleaving 2v
    11. fol. 2r

      W.736, fol. 2r
    12. fol. 2v

      W.736, fol. 2v
    13. Interleaving 3r

      W.736, Interleaving 3r
    14. Interleaving 3v

      W.736, Interleaving 3v
    15. fol. 3r

      W.736, fol. 3r
    16. fol. 3v

      W.736, fol. 3v
    17. fol. 4r

      W.736, fol. 4r
    18. fol. 4v

      W.736, fol. 4v
    19. fol. 5r

      W.736, fol. 5r
    20. fol. 5v

      W.736, fol. 5v
    21. fol. 6r

      W.736, fol. 6r
    22. fol. 6v

      W.736, fol. 6v
    23. fol. 7r

      W.736, fol. 7r
    24. fol. 7v

      W.736, fol. 7v
    25. Interleaving 8r

      W.736, Interleaving 8r
    26. Interleaving 8v

      W.736, Interleaving 8v
    27. fol. 8r

      W.736, fol. 8r
    28. fol. 8v

      W.736, fol. 8v
    29. Interleaving 9r

      W.736, Interleaving 9r
    30. Interleaving 9v

      W.736, Interleaving 9v
    31. fol. 9r

      W.736, fol. 9r
    32. fol. 9v

      W.736, fol. 9v
    33. fol. 10r

      W.736, fol. 10r
    34. fol. 10v

      W.736, fol. 10v
    35. Interleaving 11r

      W.736, Interleaving 11r
    36. Interleaving 11v

      W.736, Interleaving 11v
    37. fol. 11r

      W.736, fol. 11r
    38. fol. 11v

      W.736, fol. 11v
    39. fol. 12r

      W.736, fol. 12r
    40. fol. 12v

      W.736, fol. 12v
    41. Interleaving 13r

      W.736, Interleaving 13r
    42. Interleaving 13v

      W.736, Interleaving 13v
    43. fol. 13r

      W.736, fol. 13r
    44. fol. 13v

      W.736, fol. 13v
    45. fol. 14r

      W.736, fol. 14r
    46. fol. 14v

      W.736, fol. 14v
    47. fol. 15r

      W.736, fol. 15r
    48. fol. 15v

      W.736, fol. 15v
    49. Interleaving 16r

      W.736, Interleaving 16r
    50. Interleaving 16v

      W.736, Interleaving 16v
    51. fol. 16r

      W.736, fol. 16r
    52. fol. 16v

      W.736, fol. 16v
    53. Interleaving 17r

      W.736, Interleaving 17r
    54. Interleaving 17v

      W.736, Interleaving 17v
    55. fol. 17r

      W.736, fol. 17r
    56. fol. 17v

      W.736, fol. 17v
    57. Interleaving 18r

      W.736, Interleaving 18r
    58. Interleaving 18v

      W.736, Interleaving 18v
    59. fol. 18r

      W.736, fol. 18r
    60. fol. 18v

      W.736, fol. 18v
    61. fol. 19r

      W.736, fol. 19r
    62. fol. 19v

      W.736, fol. 19v
    63. fol. 20r

      W.736, fol. 20r
    64. fol. 20v

      W.736, fol. 20v
    65. Interleaving 21r

      W.736, Interleaving 21r
    66. Interleaving 21v

      W.736, Interleaving 21v
    67. fol. 21r

      W.736, fol. 21r
    68. fol. 21v

      W.736, fol. 21v
    69. fol. 22r

      W.736, fol. 22r
    70. fol. 22v

      W.736, fol. 22v
    71. fol. 23r

      W.736, fol. 23r
    72. fol. 23v

      W.736, fol. 23v
    73. fol. 24r

      W.736, fol. 24r
    74. fol. 24v

      W.736, fol. 24v
    75. Folio 25r seal closed

      W.736, Folio 25r seal closed
    76. Folio 25r seal open

      W.736, Folio 25r seal open
    77. fol. 25v

      W.736, fol. 25v
    78. Folio 26r seal closed

      W.736, Folio 26r seal closed
    79. Folio 26r seal open

      W.736, Folio 26r seal open
    80. fol. 26v

      W.736, fol. 26v
    81. Folio 27r folded

      W.736, Folio 27r folded
    82. Folio 27r unfolded

      W.736, Folio 27r unfolded
    83. Folio 27v unfolded

      W.736, Folio 27v unfolded
    84. Folio 27v folded

      W.736, Folio 27v folded
    85. Back flyleaf i, r

      W.736, Back flyleaf i, r
    86. Back flyleaf i, v

      W.736, Back flyleaf i, v
    87. Lower board inside

      W.736, Lower board inside
    88. Lower board outside

      W.736, Lower board outside
    89. Spine

      W.736, Spine
    90. Fore-edge

      W.736, Fore-edge
    91. Head

      W.736, Head
    92. Tail

      W.736, Tail

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