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W.747, Single leaf of a mounted figure attacked by a lion


This drawing, tinted with red, dates to the mid tenth century AH / sixteenth CE and was executed in Safavid Iran. It depicts a man on horseback wearing early Safavid headgear. There are four inscriptions at the bottom of the page, three of which are legible. Two name well-known Persian artists. The inscription on the far right attributes the work to Bihzād, in reference to Kamāl al-Dīn Bihzād (d. 942 AH / 1536-7 CE), the most celebrated Persian painter. The one inscribed in red mentions the Safavid artist Siyāvush (d. ca. 1025 AH / 1616 CE), a Georgian slave who became boon companion to Shāh Ṭahmāsp (r. 930-984 AH / 1524-1576 CE). The seal at the top of the page is dated 1126 AH / 1714 CE. The image is framed by an inner pink border with illuminated floral design and an outer blue border with floral and fauna motifs.

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