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W.748, Single leaf of a horseman


This Mughal drawing depicting a horseman is inscribed ʿamal-i Basāvan (work of Basāvan). This attribution, in a later hand, refers to the Mughal artist Basāvan, who served at the court of the Emperor Humāyūn (d. 963 AH / 1556 CE) and his successor Akbar (d. 1014 AH / 1605 CE). In the Mughal atelier, Basāvan contributed to numerous manuscript projects, especially images of battle scenes. There are tiny prickings along the outline of the drawing that suggest it served as a model for transmission.

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    1. fol. W.748a

      W.748, fol. W.748a
    2. fol. W.748b

      W.748, fol. W.748b

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