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W.749, Single leaf of plowing and selling produce


This drawing was executed in Safavid Iran, most probably in the late tenth century AH / sixteenth CE, in Qazvin or Isfahan. Above, a farmer plows; below, a seated young man watches a produce seller weigh his purchase. On the rocks in the center foreground is inscribed the name of one of the most famous painters in Iran in the eleventh century AH / seventeenth CE, Riẓā ʿAbbāsī (fl. 1001-1044 AH / 1591-2 to 1634 CE). As the handwriting does not match that of the artist, an admirer of Riẓā’s work seems to have attributed the drawing to him. The execution and the bucolic subject matter of this drawing relate closely to the oeuvre of the Persian artist Muḥammadi Haravī (fl. late tenth century AH / sixteenth CE), who worked in Qazvin. It is possible that this composition was conceived as a manuscript page.

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