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W.751, Corvey Gospel fragment


This manuscript consists of four folios from a Gospel Book that was likely made at the monastery of Corvey in Western Germany during the last quarter of the tenth century. Dating to the reign of Otto I, these pages are a magnificent example of early Ottonian manuscript illumination. The heavily ornamented pages, which introduce the Gospels of Luke and John, shine with gold and jewel-like colors against dyed purple grounds. These pages combine monumental classicizing square capitals on purple grounds with rich and complex interlace. This fragment contains the opening pages of Luke (fols. 93-94) and John (fols. 137-138) that were originally part of Rheims, Bibliothèque Municipale, Ms. 10, a Gospel Book originally owned by the Chapter Library of the Cathedral of Rheims until it was confiscated, along with the rest of the cathedral's manuscripts, during the French Revolution. Related manuscripts include Pierpont Morgan Library Ms. M. 755 and New York Public Library Ms. 1.

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    1. Upper board outside

      W.751, Upper board outside
    2. Upper board inside

      W.751, Upper board inside
    3. Front flyleaf i, r

      W.751, Front flyleaf i, r
    4. Front flyleaf i, v

      W.751, Front flyleaf i, v
    5. Front flyleaf ii, r

      W.751, Front flyleaf ii, r
    6. Front flyleaf ii, v

      W.751, Front flyleaf ii, v
    7. Front flyleaf iii, r

      W.751, Front flyleaf iii, r
    8. Front flyleaf iii, v

      W.751, Front flyleaf iii, v
    9. fol. 1r

      W.751, fol. 1r
    10. fol. 1v

      W.751, fol. 1v
    11. fol. 2r

      W.751, fol. 2r
    12. fol. 2v

      W.751, fol. 2v
    13. fol. 3r

      W.751, fol. 3r
    14. fol. 3v

      W.751, fol. 3v
    15. fol. 4r

      W.751, fol. 4r
    16. fol. 4v

      W.751, fol. 4v
    17. Back flyleaf i, r

      W.751, Back flyleaf i, r
    18. Back flyleaf i, v

      W.751, Back flyleaf i, v
    19. Back flyleaf ii, r

      W.751, Back flyleaf ii, r
    20. Back flyleaf ii, v

      W.751, Back flyleaf ii, v
    21. Lower board inside

      W.751, Lower board inside
    22. Lower board outside

      W.751, Lower board outside
    23. Spine

      W.751, Spine
    24. Fore-edge

      W.751, Fore-edge
    25. Head

      W.751, Head
    26. Tail

      W.751, Tail

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