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W.788, Ethiopian scroll with angels and talismans


This scroll was created in the eighteenth century for a woman named Marta. Having once been possessed by a devil, she had this prayer scroll made as a way to ward off evil. Containing prayers against demons, as well as talismans and a depiction of a guardian angel (perhaps Phanuel, who is invoked in one of the prayers), the scroll was intended to be worn as an apotropaic device. Ethiopian prayer scrolls were made to be the length of the person who commissioned them, thereby protecting the owner from head to toe; this one is 165.7 cm, making Marta 5'5" tall.

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    1. cm 0-25

      W.788, cm 0-25
    2. cm 23-48

      W.788, cm 23-48
    3. cm 46-71

      W.788, cm 46-71
    4. cm 69-84

      W.788, cm 69-84
    5. cm 77-102

      W.788, cm 77-102
    6. cm 100-125

      W.788, cm 100-125
    7. cm 123-148

      W.788, cm 123-148
    8. cm 146-165.7

      W.788, cm 146-165.7

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